Top 5 Most Useful Websites You Should Know

However, apart from a few known websites we seldom venture into the wilderness of the vast internet. And as expected most of the times, we end up missing out on the interesting and useful ones.

Top 5 Most Useful Websites You Should Know

Here, we have rounded up a few useful websites that you probably might not know about, and in the process discover a whole different side of the internet.

1. Video to Animated GIF Converter

GIFs are the latest fad on the internet. From memes to advertising campaigns, almost everything ‘online’ will have at least one GIF. What’s interesting is that these GIFs can be created quite easily from a video. And one of the best sites to accomplish that is Ezgif.

This site has a horde of tools for editing purposes such as adjusting speed, color filters, and GIF optimization options, among others. All you have to do is upload the video from your computer or paste a URL, make the necessary adjustments and you’ll have a cool animated GIF ready in a few minutes time.

2. Mental Floss

If you are one who likes to stay well ahead of others when it comes to facts and happenings around the world, trust the Mental Floss website to take care of that. This site contains a slew of stories behind any happenings, whether it’s a know-how on why your dog eats so much or a long-form article on Black holes.

3. AirConsole

AirConsole explores the gaming world in a tad different manner. It is a browser based gaming platform that lets you repurpose your phones as game controls. Yep, you read that right. So the next time you have your buddy over for a gaming session but lack a secondary controller let AirConsole weave its magic.

4. Forgotify

Spotify contains millions of songs which haven’t been played, not even once? Sad, isn’t it?

Well, Forgotify aims to change it. It sifts through Spotify’s playlist and lists songs which have had no plays till now. In other words, Forgotify gives every song a second chance and hopes to bring it to the forefront.

5. Snappa

Social Media management is the new ‘It’ these days. And to reach the right target audience, you’d need a snappy image alongside your content. And few other tool handles that better than Snappa.

Snappa is a free website that lets you create images in myriad forms, whether it’s for blogging purposes, social media ads or YouTube thumbnails. The features library is immense filled with attractive background images, a large collection of fonts, patterns, graphics, etc.

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