Top 5 Best Free Movie Streaming Applications For Android

Streaming applications enable to watch their favorite shows, movies or some funny comedy shows. It is quite a challenge to come up with some good streaming apps. Scammers are always on the look out to pull stunts on aficionados who are not smart enough to scrutinize the various apps in the website. They always fall prey of the scams. The streaming apps that are fake will always stand out from the streaming apps in that, they have been tailored in a manner that they can siphon your personal information and credentials

Top 5 Best Free Movie Streaming Applications For Android Are:

1. Hubi TV app

This streaming application can be downloaded from Google Play Store. With this app, you will be able to download and save your movie to your Android device and watch offline at your own time when you want. You don’t need a flash player to watch movies on the hubi application. Hubi allows for sharing of the movies with your friends and family through social media.

2. You tube

Most probably you have heard or come across this application. Most of the Android Smartphone phone comes with it already installed. You tube as a streaming application allows you to watch viral videos, movies. You tube is the most utilized free streaming application. It has recorded over 1 billion downloads.

3. Snag films

This application is compatible with all type of Android devices and other many platforms. Here you can watch your movies and also share the movie on social media for your family and friends to check it out too.Snag films categories movies for you so won’t have a hard time identifying your preferred genre.

4. Newest movies

With this application, you don’t have to worry about storage spaces as it takes the least of it. All you will require after downloading and installing this application is a high-speed internet connectivity. Click on play and watch your favorite movie in real-time free of charge

5. Video mix HD

Video mix: has been grouped among the oldest free movie streaming applications on Android, Works well with chrome cast enabling you to watch movies on a bigger screen, allows one to arrange their movie library according to the various genres and the year of release.

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Explore the adverse collection of movies using either of the above streaming applications. In event of one having technical issues, it will be smart to switch to the other. Let nothing bar you from enjoying watching your favorite movie. So this is the Top 5 Best Free Movie Streaming Applications For Android.

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