Top 5 Best Free GIF Maker Tools In 2017

The basic image formats on the web, as we know, are JPG, PNG, and GIF, among these GIF, is the only form that allows animation. GIF files can display several image frames over a few milliseconds successively this way a GIF image gets animated effect.

Top 5 Best Free GIF Maker Tools In 2017

GIF makers are the programs that make it possible to combine images in a similar way. This is a three-step procedure. The first step is to choose the number of pictures, second is to keep those images in a sequence as desired, the last step is settings of the loop, frame rate, and other tidbits. These three steps are the way to make a GIF file that animates.

1. Photoscape

It’s a complete image suite that does several jobs and contains many tools like making a GIF, image conversion tool, screen capture, color picker, photo layout, photo editor, splitter, and other tools. I consider this software to be on number one position due to its ease of use and clean n clear interface.

The one thing that I should tell you is that it comes bundled with OpenCandy (OpenCandy is the pioneer of high-quality, dynamic app installer ads and is trusted by hundreds of software developers and advertisers worldwide.). It has both Windows and Mac version available for free.

2. Clickdragclick

Now create animated terrors by simply entering your photo by uploading or URL upload feature, this site makes it possible to animate a still image and give some really nice effects. And of course, you can always share the pics to your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

3. Easy GIF Animator

Easy GIF Animator is one of the most famous animated GIF editors of this world as well as one of the best software systems for creating animated pictures, banners and buttons. With this editor tool, one can easily produce some stunning animation effects, can achieve unmatched compression and image quality and can prepare the animated images for world wide web.

4. MakeaGif

Create animated GIFs online from Youtube videos. Convert Youtube video to animated GIFs using our FREE and easy Gif maker.

5. PicGIF

Turn continuous snapshots to animated GIFs with a few mouse clicks.
Re-edit existing GIFs. Adjust its size, speed and add text, etc.
Create GIF image slideshows from your life photos.
Transfer short videos to smooth and animated GIFs.
Support to combine multiple formats, images, GIFs, and videos into a new single GIF.

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