Top 5 Best Chrome Extensions for 2017

This is the Best Chrome Extensions.

1. Hover Zoom

Hover Zoom is Google Chrome extension that works well when you want to have good user experience. As the name says, shows you the full image when you point on smaller version of one image. Hover Zoom will be quite useful when you are browsing image galleries and want to use full version of particular image. Hover Zoom offers support for video files, the feature to disable zooming in certain websites.

2. Momentum

Momentum helps you create an innovative tab for your browser, that is an awesome one in terms of looks and design. The Momentum New Tab page is quite useful, as it includes a lot of stuff, such as the tasks you have to do, weather in your particular area, superb background images. You have the ability to customize things as much as you want in the web browser.

3. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus, one of the most popular Google Chrome extensions, lets you clean your web pages, by removing ads from sidebars and everywhere else. The free plugin can block various kinds of ads, such as animated ads, pop-ups & pop-unders, Facebook ads. It is to be noted that Adblock Plus does not put end to web advertisements; on the other hand, there’s a set of acceptable ads that do not interrupt your web browsing. Plus, this open-source extension is customizable as well.

4. Blur

Blur is used for managing your passwords, securing online payments you make and to have better privacy options by acting against tracking. Some of the features of Blur include protection from non-cookie-based tracking, auto-fill options for saved debit cards, masked cards, ability to create highly-encrypted passwords. When adding multi-platform support, Blur secures you, more or less completely.

5. LastPass

LastPass Google Chrome extension is a useful solution for those who have a huge number of passwords to manage. After setting up LastPass in your chrome browser, you will have to provide a master password and it is the last password you have to remember, for that matter. There is a lot of additional capabilities that await you, such as the ability to save files, credentials etc that you want to be safe. The tool, in addition, enhances your online security through multi-factor authentication, replace weaker passwords.

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