Top 5 Best Apps For Video Editing On IOS In 2017

Do you know, you can edit videos on your mobile device at any time? Here are 5 of the best video editing apps for iOS in 2017. Although paid apps work great on ios platforms, the free video editing apps are not far behind. They have all the necessary tools inside and can perform better than the paid apps.

Those days when you had to wait till you move your video clip to your PC and get it edited on software that would only run on your desktop computer. Now we have hundreds of other options in ios apps that can make and do almost anything from your mobile devices.
So here are the “Top 5 Best Apps For Video Editing On IOS In 2017” take a cup of tea and enjoy the article.

1. Montaj

Montaj has a good and clear interface that lets you take the five-second video clips. These clips can be arranged in the storyboard with features of adding video filters and songs. By shaking your phone you can go in an adventurous mode where a random song is added to your video footage. And you can really enjoy while editing the videos.

2. iMovie

It is one of the heaviest apps that edit video for iOS devices. But it’s worth it, and I strongly recommend this app for every iOS device. This app makes it easy to splice footage, add music, photos, and voice overs plus it provides TV-style classic templates for effects similar to movie trailers.

3. Replay

It help’s to create beautiful videos to upload on Instagram, Replay will be your best choice as this app is developed for Instagram users. It can turn images and videos into brilliant movies with seamless transitions, well synced with music. With a variety of tools and filters, you can make videos from the gallery.

4. Splice

If you want to edit like desktop quality tools, then Splice is the video editing app which can be used in the place of the desktop. It is quite simple to use and available free. The ability to mix and match video, music, and photos to create brilliant videos. It also provides audio and video timeline for precise control and easy editing.

5. Magisto

A great app that suggests itself be a movie maker. Magisto has all the basic editing features like trimming, adding transitions, filter and adding music in the background etc. A nice free app that is also lightweight on your mobile device.

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