Top 5 Best Android Launchers of 2017

Here, we are going to look at the top 5 best Android launchers of 2017. What Is Android Launcher’s,
We need to know that first,
An Andoid launcher is a program that helps a user to locate and start other computer programs.
An application launcher provides shortcuts to computer programs, and stores the shortcuts in one place so they are easier to find.

1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is the top launcher for Android, You Will Get full Material Design throughout.
Nova Launcher replaces your home screen with one you control and can customize. Change icons, layouts, animations and more. Nova Launcher is the best of the launchers available in Android.

2. Launcher Lab

Best Android launcher 2017, Launcher Lab offers Customization.
You can design home screens with various editing elements using Launcher Lab: text, image, text, wallpaper, music, widgets, time, weather and etc.
It has quite a good feature that allows you to apply numerous new themes from people around the world in theme store.

3. Google Now

Google’s own Android launcher allows you to get easy access to Google Now, free voice controls,
and enough transparent window-bars. It is compatible with all Google Play Edition devices,

4. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher combines smooth performance and ease-of-use with a Easy level of
customisation to create genuinely appealing alternative to most standard Android launchers.
Standout features on Apex include a superb tablet mode, which pushes notifications to a widget on your homescreen.

5. Go Launcher

GO launcher has an amazing user interface and many awesome themes along with many other features. In comparison to other launchers,
Go Launcher has many customization options in its free version.
It is also packed with some important plugins and widgets.

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One thought on “Top 5 Best Android Launchers of 2017

  • August 9, 2017 at 7:45 pm

    Well ..!really good launchers and they really work awesome in android mobiles especially GO and APEX are they have widgets looks pretty cool .google is a bit common in all smart phones but if any body wants nice plugins and themes i am pretty much sure they will go for remaining launchers.


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