Top 4 Amazing Way To Boost Your WIFI Network

WIFI network connection is now an essential necessity to households and businesses. It promotes effective communication and efficient work operation. It is the highest utility demand in the modern technology today.

Top 4 Amazing Way To Boost Your WIFI Network

1. Choose the Best Router

When it comes to choosing the best router, we often think of the quality and brand. This is actually a bias selection. Here are the few things that you should consider in choosing the best router.

Aim for a router that can handle an 802.11ac Gigabit WIFI. At this level of Gigabit support, it can maximize and boost up to 1300 Mbps in which it will evenly allocate the internet connection to the users.

Make sure to rid away any electromagnetic gadget surrounded to your router such as telephone, radio, or television. This may affect the wavelength of the internet connection hence, it might slow down your internet.

Search for the best spot to place your router. This is the most important part of setting up your router at home or business office. You may test the speed of the router using so that you can able to assess which physical location it can absorb more signal.

2. Use Wireless Router Extenders

You can increase the network signal using the router extender. It can help detect and absorb signal to boost the internet connection. Make sure to place the extender around the weak signal area of your home. To more about the wireless router extenders, you may check the Comparoid’s favorite router and view their best product list of reliable routers. As a trivia, wireless router extenders are also referred to as WIFI repeater device.

3. Configure Your Firmware

Check your firmware WIFI settings and make sure to update your network connection. As much as possible, look for the best WIFI settings and check the statistics to remove all unauthorized accesses. Make it a habit to check your firmware to have a consistent flow of quality and speedy internet connection.

4. Check Your USB and Router Antennas

Some WIFI users do not think much of the quality of their USB and router antennas since they stick on the antenna provided by their ISPs. To think of it, this is actually a default antenna that most ISPs are providing. A quality antenna creates a better connection. So, you should consider purchasing a separate antenna with reliable specifications to boost your WIFI speed and promote a stable connection.

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