Top 3 YouTube Alternative You Should Try

When it comes to online video sharing and viewing, Youtube comes into mind, instantly. But it’s not the only choice as there are many more sites as YouTube alternative you should try at once.

Listed below are few of such websites you might have heard or not.

Top 3 YouTube Alternative You Should Try

1. Dailymotion

This is the second largest online video site, DailyMotion has over 100 million unique visitors per month. It also provides reach and virality to your videos. With the interface similar to Youtube, it has trending videos on the homepage along with search bar on the top.

Just log on to its site after registration with your email ID and start uploading your videos.

The maximum size of a video allowed is 60 minutes in length and 4 GB in size. To remove this limit, you need to make MotionMaker account which is available for free of cost. If you wish to earn money from it, just become part of DailyMotion.

2. Flickr

Majorily used for hosting images, flickr also allows users to upload and share videos. All you have to do is sign up for a free account and start uploading videos, even videos in HD quality too.

With an upper limit of 1TB in a free account and unlimited space, no ads and detailed stats in pro account, flickr has nothing more to offer in comparison with other alternatives.

3. Metacafe

Among the oldest video sites, Metacafe is still running with 40 million unique visits per month. With well-framed categories, it provides seamless and better browsing experience. Unfortunately, you can’t upload new videos as it doesn’t allow to do so, right now.

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