Top 3 Tricks Which I Use To Increase My Blog Traffic

Today, in this post I am sharing with you some of the effective methods and tricks which I am using on my blog. The strategies that I’m sharing with you require patience and hard work for the job get done perfectly. Of course, they are easy. It’s not what the common bloggers commonly suggests to do. Let me put some effective tricks to get real-time success in blogging.

1. Long blog posts

The length of the blog post matters a lot in blog posts, Google is ranking long, insightful posts higher than those blog posts with a shorter length. As with the introduction of Google knowledge graph, the importance of the length of the content has become important.

Advantages of lengthy content are:

1. It is easy to target,
2. We can include more internal links.
3. The possibility of being indexed in Google in-depth articles.
4. Rank higher, and double your chances of ranking on the first page of Google.

We can say that long form content is beneficial for a long time. Content length is the sure-fire formula for getting high exposure and rankings.

2. Quality blog posts

I think you should know the importance of quality content. I know all of you readers are already tired of blog posts that point the importance of quality. However, no blog post is complete without stressing the importance of quality content.

A site with optimized quality content is given more credit than other sites, it is better if you made your site content interesting for human traffic. Google algorithm will find out if a site is beneficial to the human user. Google algorithm will determine how much time a user spends while visiting a site based on different search queries. If a site is visited often and user likes to visit it again, its ranking stays better due to a decrease in bounce rate and increase in click through rate.

3. Target a keyword

I know that with the ineffectiveness of the Google keyword planner and extinction of Google Adwords keywords tool, it has been never easy to find and implement effective keyword.

So it’s now the time to make use Google suggest. I don’t tell you to head over to Google search, type in and look for suggestions.

There is an awesome tool called that gives you never ending list of Google suggestions for a keyword. You can make use of this tool, make a list of surefire long tail keywords and put them in the Keyword planner for search volumes and competitions. This is one of the effective free ways. I am also using this to find worthy long-tail keywords.

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