Top 3 Apps To Identify Songs Lyrics With Ease

We all have had that moment when we are in a club or someplace else and a song is playing and we want to know that song name. At that point of time, everything else becomes irrelevant and all you want to do is to find out the name of that song. It might be hard to do that in the past, but since the launch of various music recognition apps, it became fairly easy. All you needed to do is launch the app on your smartphone and let it identify the song. So, if you are like me who is now searching for its replacement, here are the Top 3 Apps To Identify Songs Lyrics With Ease you can use:

Top 3 Apps To Identify Songs Lyrics With Ease

Top 3 Apps To Identify Songs Lyrics With Ease

1. MusicID

If you want an app which is user-friendly and simple, check out MusicID. The app has a very simple interface which follows Google’s Material Design UI language. There are no ads and the app looks very clean. There’s only a button at the bottom of the app’s window, pressing on which the app will start recognizing any music. It does take a little more to recognize a song than both Shazam and SoundHound. However, when it identifies the song, it gives you all the info about the song along with an option to buy the song from Amazon. But, its strengths end here, neither there’s no way to play the song from within the app nor there is a widget for the app. The app is best if you want to use a free music discovery app without ads.


Musixmatch essentially is a music player and lyrics finder app for your Android smartphone. However, you can also use it for identifying music just like other apps on the list. The app is not as straightforward as others, as identifying music is one of the various functions it performs among others. To identify a piece of music, you have to open the hamburger menu and select the “Identify Lyrics” option. The app will then start listening to the song and identify the song along with its lyrics. However, since this is not a music identifying app per se, it is slow to use and the song identification also takes a lot more time.


Shazam was one of the first apps which made music identifying apps popular. It is quick at identifying songs and gets them right almost all the time. It saves all your searches in its history tab and has a “Discover” section which lets you discover new songs based on your favorite genre and artists. You can also play the songs from within the app itself using its Google Play Music integration. Just like SoundHound, it also has a small widget which makes using the app very simple. But, I am not a fan of the color choices of Shazam’s interface but that is a subjective thing.

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Top 3 Apps To Identify Songs Lyrics With Ease

It is sad to see such a great app depart from the Play Store but such is the lifespan of apps in this digital age. You need to understand that an app might be your favorite today, but tomorrow it might not even be there. New apps always tend to replace the old one.

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