MIUI 9 –Top 5 Best New Features

MIUI 9 was announced by Xiaomi. And, if you have one of the compatible phones, you can actually get it right!

Though the UI is presently available for a few Xiaomi smartphones in China, soon will make its debut on all the eligible Xiaomi handsets worldwide. The new MiUI 9 has a host of new and enhanced features which will take the Xiaomi Experience to a whole new level.

MIUI 9 –Top 5 Best New Features

1. Image Search

The new Smart App Launcher will allow searching options, which include Image Search in the gallery app. You can search your photo library based on people, locations, expressions, events, documents and even screenshots. Though Google Photos have this feature already, MiUI 9 Image Search for the photo library will make finding photos really easy on the phone.

2. Smart Assistant

Xiaomi is coming up with its own Smart Assistant. Probably, the biggest takeaway in the MIUI 9 is the integration of a Smart Assistant. Like any other Smart Assistants, the Xiaomi Smart Assistant is a smart AI who will search for photos, texts, emails, notes, the internet and do all your other tasks. It will have a smart hub on the left panel, which will give you access to all of your important information at one place. It’s more like a Google Now page, on steroids.

3. Split Screen

The multitasking feature will finally make its way into the Xiaomi devices with MiUI 9. Now you can split your screen to multitask. You need to tap the Recent button and you will get an option of ‘Split Screen Mode’ on the top. Now when you are selecting an app, you will get another option to select another app, and this will split the screen, and you can multitask. Plus, the apps which do not support split screen mode will be overlaying the apps stating the same.

4. New Security App

The Security App on Xiaomi will get some new updates with MiUI 9. The new Security App will include Boost Speed, Dual Apps, Second Space, and App Lock. But the best one is the ‘Manage Apps’ sub option, with which you will get a clean layout on your device so that you can easily read all the things at once.

5. Depth Search

MiUI has added a new feature, called the Depth Search. The Depth Search feature will help you to sort your thousands of images and other files on your device. The Depth Search feature will help you to find your files and sort them in a more proper manner, based on your requirements like location or date or event. The users can even search for screenshots on the new MiUI 9 with the Depth Search feature.

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