How to Protect Your Website from Hackers

Hello Guy’s, Do not you want your website to be similar to hacking? You should keep your website safe in every way, because you will not want your years of profit to become useless in one seconds.

Keep all these things in the side so you know that you can protect your website in very easy ways.

If you know which domain names are hackers who use hackers often, then you will probably be able to secure your website.

How to Protect Your Website from Hackers

1. Keep the registration records and contact information of your website safe.

Whenever address, phone number or email address is being used for the domain name transfer communication, you should tell your registrar.

Make sure you also update your emergency and business contact information.

Whenever there is a suspensive activity, your registrar can contact you and inform you in this regard as soon as possible.

2. Carefully choose your registrar

Do not buy your domain name from any registrar. Make sure that from which you are buying a domain name, you should be able to be in this business for a very long time and be confident.

When you select a domain registrar, you should think ahead of price and pay attention to the company’s quality services and support.

Your domain registrar should offer something other than your domain registration and domain transfer services. Your location’s irrespective technical support should be 24 * 7 available.

Registrar should also have a system which notifies you about your pending domain transfer and when the domain is moved in real, give accurate information on time before it. This ensures that your domain is not transferred without your knowledge and permission.

Such notifications help you to get the right decision about the pending transfer over time.

Make sure that the registrar has a way of doing so, so that he can give you updates of changes related to your domain name’s registration record or ownership change request. Make sure that they have the best communication methods such as phone, email, fax etc.

Does the registrar have additional security measures like two-step authentication? This is the way you will get a code on the phone so that you will be able to log in every time. You have to enter this code correctly every time before you get the right to login.

It can irritate users, but such safeguards are essential to protect your domain from hackers.

3. Lock-up your Domain

Ask your domain name registrar to keep your domain name in the registrar lock.

This will make it impossible to change your domain’s information and DNS configuration without your consent. You must first unlock your domain name before you make any changes to it.

Once the EPP activate your account, your registar will send you authcode in 5 days after the domain name transfer is done. This code will be gaining to the registar. Before accepting that domain name. In some cases, the dead registar also gives you the right to setup auth info Code.

In such a case, you have to make sure one thing is that each domain name has its own unique EPP auto info code and it is unique. If for some reason auto info code is broken, then only one domain name comes in danger.

When you lock your domain name, keep checking Who Is from time to time to confirm that your domain name status has not changed anywhere. If you think any changes are done, register the registrar immediately.

4. Enable Privacy

You must enable privacy for your website. And make sure that your contact details are not visible to anyone.

Domain name hackers can also use this information which you can set to locate and send to phishing emails as well. Once you enable privacy, your details.

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